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La Paula | A vineyard between silence and range Source: Paralelo 32
4 miles away from Victoria along rout 26 to Nogoyá, among an incredible green environment “La Paula” Farmhouse recreated a vineyard of the end of the 19th century.
The 4-acre wine cellar, built up with quebracho (tree species) and nandubay trellis just like Basque and Italian vine-growers did, today has been filled with different types: Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tannat.
The first vintage is going to be in May of 2010 bringing out an estimated production of 200 bottles of a blend: Malbec / Merlot / Tannat.
The entrepreneurship projection for the next three years includes a winery building that allows almost an 8,000 bottle-per-year production

Urquiza vines in the Farmhouse

By agreement with the “Justo José de Urquiza” Museum Direction, and having the objective of spreading viticulture, one of the passions of General Urquiza, La Paula Farmhouse kept a special place for twelve cuttings from the San José Palace vines, that were planted by Urquiza‘s order in 1865.
The shoots will remain a vivid memory from that piece of history, which was retaken by many immigrants, turning Entre Ríos into the fourth wine-producing province in 1900, having an expanse of more than 988 acres of vineyards.

La Paula has a total of 20 acres amid the Corrales silent ranges. Visiting this farmhouse will let you discover a rural, peaceful, timeless scenery that makes you enjoy the calm atmosphere and takes you back to those forgotten times.