- RED LINK: Maipú and Italia St. (Nación Bank)
- RED BANELCO / LINK: Congreso Av. and Espeleta St. (Bersa Bank)

Opennig hours Casino Victoria:
Monday to Friday 01PM to 05AM / Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 24 hours.
Phone number +54 03436 427300

Abbey Gregorian Chant live Schedule:
Everyday 12 PM and 7PM
"Victoria del Agua" Thermal Springs:
- Directions: Access by Route 11 - Km 119,5 / Phone number: +54 03436 426205 /

“Carlos Anadon" Local Museum
Situated in the center of the city, this museum shows the interesting history of Victoria City. A period and typical French architectural style mansion sums up the distinguished historical tradition from the beginnings of the 20th century.
An over 470 squared yards surface houses eight exhibition halls, including the antique kitchen and bathroom. The library, on the second floor shelters the precious heritage together with the art gallery that belonged to the poet Gaspar Lucilo Benavento. A garage, an special subsoil for exhibitions and meetings, and the cute French garden with its babbling fountain make up the estate, not to mention the jasmines and oleofragas’ delightful perfume. Address: Congreso between Camoirano and 9 de Julio St.

Destino Victoria Information: +54 03436 421200

Town’s Festivals
Carnival: in January and February
Virgin’s Feast Day: September 8th
Victoria City’s Anniversary: May 13th

Call +54 03436 421200 to receive contact information about fishing guides.

Ufo Museum

Openning Hours: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 10AM to 12:30PM and from 3PM to 6:30PM.

The UFO Museum saw the light in January of 2005 aiming to inform people about the Visión Ovni Group investigations into the UFO phenomenon.
A few months after its opening, it gets a bibliographic and investigation materials donation from the well-known investigator from Rosario Nicolás Ojeda, who after forty years, pulled out of his tasks, leaving his legacy to Silvia Pérez Simondini, the UFO Museum Director.


Kite Surf

Alternative Sports

Kite Surf & Wakeboard in Victoria
It depends on the wind season and river conditions. Please, contact Estanislao Atencio or Pablo Valentini

Classes on Saturday and Monday throughout the afternoon. Consult us about turns.

Pablo Valentini: 03436 155 70139

Estanislao Atencio: +54 3436 570688